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Roderick Flint has 25 years of experience in real estate and various manufacturing industries. Roderick brings significant leadership in profit and loss management for multiple business units as well as experience in start-ups, sales, strategic planning, marketing, finance and organizational development. Roderick has worked for Olin Chemicals, Ecolab, Pulte Homes and D.R. Horton among others. Roderick has a B.S. degree from Michigan State and a M.B.A. from Washington University.




Jonah is an investment banker turned producer. After graduating from the University of Chicago and The London School of Economics, Jonah spent 10 years on Wall Street specializing in bond restructuring for publicly traded companies. In 2005, Jonah relocated to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking full time. During his tenure in Hollywood, Jonah has worked with Oscar-winning writers and actors on films such as MAIN STREET, PASSION PLAY and HOPE’S WISH, and advises Slingshot on both content and talent. Jonah resides in Beverly Hills, CA with his faithful dog Hope.



Prior to semi-retiring in 2015, Mark Beisswanger served as the COO of Invitation Homes, the multibillion dollar real estate acquisition company created by Blackstone Group. Mark lead operations on Invitation Homes’ $3.5 Billion acquisition of single-family homes across 9 U.S. markets. Throughout the majority of Mark’s career in real estate, he has served in executive and C-level positions with major national homebuilding companies as well as real estate investment funds. Mark came aboard the Slingshot team in 2012, and continues to advise Slingshot in numerous areas of its business. Mark currently resides in Marina Del Rey, CA and is a Southern California native as well as a graduate of UCLA.



Dr. Fornari is the co-founder of BioMech. Previously, Dr. Fornari co-founded Dominion Diagnostics, one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical monitoring laboratories, serving as CEO and Medical Director from 1997 to 2011. Perhaps in spite of his extensive scientific training and clinical experience, Dr. Fornari is an accomplished marketing strategist, and the success of his companies can be attributed in large part to his keen understanding of what both the industry and his customers need. Dr. Fornari brings more than 35 years of research, scientific, executive and marketing experience to Slingshot Media Group. Dr. Fornari helped launch Slingshot in 2011, and continues to advise on marketing strategy with respect to both the company generally and individual films. Dr. Fornari earned his B.S. from St. Vincent College, received Master’s training in Neurophysiology at Ohio University, and a holds a Ph.D. from the Medical College of Virginia. He lives between Rhode Island, South Florida and Northern California.