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Five childhood girlfriends, now in their early 30s, each consumed by their own busy lives and personal issues, have gone astray from their “Christian Walk” through life. Four of them plan an impromptu weekend getaway to help the 5th, Molly Shaw, a recovering prescription pill addict, avoid a relapse at the 1 year anniversary of her dog’s passing. Their destination: California wine country of all places! The women, all with highly individual personalities and points of view, get off to a rocky start. The petty bickering, the constant judgment and hurtful behavior threaten to ruin the trip. But Molly, who has developed a habit of talking to herself in scripture to cope with life and her addiction, has a surprise in store for her friends. As the weekend progresses, the five women find themselves opening up and revealing far more than they ever bargained for. Will the old wounds and self-involvement ultimately win out or will the ladies be able to reconcile their differences and get back on track with their Christian Walk?




Mark Brown


Mark Brown was born in Birmingham, England but his family relocated to Washington D.C. in his youth. Mark is best known for creating and writing one of the largest grossing urban film franchises of all time, BARBERSHOP starring Ice Cube, which grossed over $77,000,000 at the box office and spawned 2 theatrical sequels as well as a television show. Mark also directed TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME, another theatrical success that continues to play regularly on cable TV to this day. Mark’s films have collectively grossed over $400,000,000.